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Time to Crush, Tear and Curl My Tea Business

The title of this post is a play on words as C-T-C (crush, tear & curl) "is a method of producing black tea."

It is time for my tea interest to grow into a hobby business with the potential of becoming a real residual income in the long-run... One of the tools that will help me facilitate the opportunity of creating a business of my passion, is the development of setting up an e-commerce store in an easy and affordable way. My web shops are powered by Meylah and Tictail. Within an hour I had set up these stores, free of charge. How will these tools change the online business?

From my post, CRUSH IT BOOK AND TEA TIME (2009):

Lo and behold! In appendix b: five business ideas I won't get to - they're yours, you could read the following on page 140:

a tea blog I think the tea market in the United States is about to blow up, and for the person who wants to educate and entertain the masses there will be enormous opportunity to build a site much like Wine Library TV, Offer a tea-of-the-month club and you'll be in serious business.

(EGO blog, October 31, 2009)

How could you turn your "great idea" into a business opportunity?

I will end this post and the start of a new tea culture, with an excerpt from my post, Research and Development of the Tea Culture:

I have a vision to spread better ideas on new media and business philosophy. I am a tea enthusiast, amateur ("lover of") taster & blender. My mission is to be an important part of the renaissance of a new tea culture. My forthcoming book, Tea For The Win, will be a piece of the puzzle...

I will be very open with the description of the products and you will learn new things about tea, so you could conduct your own, personalized (secularized) tea ceremony.

Lyceum @ Meylah, March 31, 2014.